Damn those are some Dirtybombs! - O.Nine's "Mass Levitation"


Nov 8, 2008

Click HERE To Stream O.Nine's EP!

WARNING: Mass Levitation EP by O.Nine is not for the faint of heart. If you suffer from heart conditions, are pregnant, are under 4 ft. tall, get motion sickness easily, or under the age of 18, be forewarned!

Absolutely sick nasty beats by O.Nine incoming on Ammunition Recordings June 15th on our 21st Digital installment titled "Mass Levitation" EP.

O.Nine's from Russia with love... erm, or hate? He continues to export that big dirty sound with huge drums and gritty basslines that Russia is known for! Featuring 4 tunes that'll smash tingz, you can also find O.Nine's tunes out or incoming on the likes of Guerilla, Foulplay, Section 8, and June 15th on Ammunition!

Click HERE To Stream O.Nine's EP!

Written Detail
Artist: O.Nine
Album: "Mass Levitation" EP
Release: June 15th 2009
Label: Ammunition Recordings
Retailers: Beatport, DOA, Juno, TrackItDown, iTunes, Amazon, Chemical, + more

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