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    Jul 13, 2015
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    Hertford, UK
    Last week I started the first of a now regular show on Musical Regeneration Web Radio (MREG).

    I've uploaded the session to Mixcloud which you can check out here:

    Sorry no TL as it's a two and half hour session! The track playing is displayed at the bottom on Mixcloud though. Basically it's soulful liquid for about an hour, picking up in to some dancefloor stuff and coming down through some rollers :)

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    Jul 13, 2015
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    Hertford, UK
    Managed to extract a tracklist from Mixcloud:

    1. Arkestra by Alix Perez & Ivy Lab
    2.Focus by Ivy Lab
    3.Paper Faces (Ivy Lab Remix) (Instrumental) by Lenzman
    4.Break It All Apart by Blu Mar Ten ft. Agna Genyte
    5.The Last Light by Alix Perez & Ivy Lab
    6.Nothing But by Artificial Intelligence
    7.Roxy Music VIP by Zero T
    8.Just One Look by Enei, ft. Charli Brix
    9.Memento (dBridge Remix) by SpectraSoul
    10.Twenty Questions by Ivy Lab
    11.Moment Of Now by Enei, Frank Carter III
    12.Tell Me by Tokyo Prose
    13.The View (Calibre Remix) by MC DRS ft. LSB & Tyler Daley
    14.Last Night by DJ Marky & S.P.Y
    15.Dusty Smoke by Paul SG
    16.The Hurting (Lenzman Remix) by LSB
    17.Remedy by LSB
    18.Lazy Bastard by Bert H
    19.Run The Block by Document One
    20.Mischief Dub by Lurch
    21.Jazz Club by Document One
    22.Stalking Stones by Royalston
    23.Everlasting Days by Nu:Logic, ft. Lifford
    24.Perseverance (VIP) by Technimatic
    25.The Deepest Blue by Technicolour & Komatic
    26.Protection by Culture Shock
    27.Kyoto City by Hugh Hardie
    28.Red Letter Day by Surplus
    29.Kiss by Jesse Roth
    30.Dream Is Over by The Invaderz
    31.Sideways by Ulterior Motive
    32.Sweat (EAN remix) by Groove Armarda
    33.Troglodyte by Culture Shock
    34.Jet Black by Dimension
    35.Deep In My Heart by Hamilton
    36.L.I.E.S (The Jungle VIP) by Gerra & Stone
    37.Pull Me Under by Dimension (UK) ft. RAPHAELLA
    38.Sphere by Technimatic
    39.Runnin by Enei, Georgia Yates
    40.One For Me by Zero T
    41.Everything Must Change by Zero T
    42.Everlasting by R1C0
    43.Bass Bottom Line by Derrick & Tonika
    44.Levitate by Altitude
    45.Alone by Bungle
    46.Loop of Love by LSB
    47.State Of The Art by Jubei,SP:MC
    48.Ghost Palace by Philth, Bredren
    49.Dubmonster V.I.P by L-Side
    50.Celestine by Hydro, Mako, Fields, Villem
    51.Baby Grey by Ivy Lab
    52.Emerald by Bert H
    53.1st Chapter by Greekboy
    54.Moments by Malaky, Satl