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Feb 8, 2002
heres a fun setup which we have at my place right now, splinter brought all his equipment over
so we got the most curious signal chain going and the results are sooooo nice.
we got it all set up with cables and effect units, so i got the idea you could probably do the same but with vsts if you wanted to,
and heres is a run through using only free vsts

youll need an audio editor like wavelab or audacity or audition or soundforge.


audio damage rough rider

edit: whilst rough rider is great and free, the compressor we need for this job has to have a gate on it,
alternatively you add a gate plug after the compressor

SiR (reverb)
FSR simplescape (its got LP to HP morph on it :love:)
kajerhus chorus
analogic delay
(we dont have a hardware delay but im not that interested in
hardware delay and reverbs, the software is just fine imo)

i havent got free suggestions for these yet (other than kajerhus of course):

dist plug
parametric 3 band eq with gain
top end exciter of some kind
gate, if necessary

there are heaps of good ones out there though, just check

it might seem like its mainly for synths but this works really good for drums too,
mainly because the autowah will create transients on hihats and congas and similar,
which the compressor will bring out together with the reverb.
so sample a long session and cut out the hits that are good

process and signal chain:

load sample,

parametric eq with gain -> overdrive->
autowah -> reverb -> compressor -> parametric eq with gain

resample, cut out the good bits, then

exciter, chorus, filter -> parametric eq with gain

resample, cut to taste


easy on the reverb and autowah, chorus is mainly for high frequency sounds and basses.
well add the flanger and/or delay last normally, if there is a need for them at all.

run basses breaks and stuff through this, its been bare profit for us
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Mar 24, 2002
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A gate is a dynamic control that allows you to cut out low levels from a signal - it only lets through sounds that are loud enough, above a certain treshold you can define yourself. So if you have a drum hit that has a long 'tail' to it, you can shorten that tail and retain a somewhat natural sound with a gate. The advantage to cutting sounds manually is that you can drive any signals through a gate and they all have the same attack and release values (you can adjust these on most gates, at least the release).


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Feb 13, 2009
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hm I downloaded it... there are now two sidechain plugins in my Fruity Loops and Mono ( I have version 8 ...) and the moment I open one of them into a Mixer - Effects - Channel my FL dies... it doesn't do anything anymore...
Tried it 5 times now... Even left it working for 5 minutes but it died... where is the problem? Anyone an Idea?

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