Cubase 6.5: Piano roll to only show the keys of the scale I am writing in. How?


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Is there a way to edit the piano roll to only show the keys of the scale I am writing in? I know it can be done in ableton by painting in the keys and then using the 'fold' button that hides the unused keys (the ones that aren't in my scale) OR I know in FL Studio you can enter all the notes in the scale, select them all and turn them into 'ghost' notes like the black keys, (scale notes light grey, non scale notes dark grey) and you can just write on top of them and use them as a guideline to your scale.

Does anybody know if this can be done in Cubase too? Or is there another way to work out scales in piano roll in Cubase?
Unfortunately, there is no such function in Cubase. But I believe you can do the same thing as in Fl Studio with creating another midi track filled with scale notes and then edit your track with it selected.

But the best way would be to just learn the scales :p For diatonic ones I always have opened for a quick scale reference.