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Mar 24, 2003
I was wondering...I just got Cool Edit Pro and I want to make my own loop cd. Before I do does anyone have any information as to what format I should save them as? .wavs I hear are the best. Also I want to fit about 350 on a cd so I want to optimize the sounds for the smallest possible format but with the best sound quality. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Should I save them as 16bit 96khz or 32bit or what? One more thing I want them to be able to be opened up in standard editing software. Cool Edit can save them as .cel files and they are really, really small but they can only be opened in Cool Edit.
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you should have no problem fitting 350 loops on one CD using 16/44 wav/aiff files.. you might concider doing an enhanced CD with audio and sound files tho... for the hardware sampler massive.. ;)
Creating loop cd

Thanks for the replies. When you say "enhanced cd" what exactly do you mean? Pardon my ignorance on this subject. I have been playing guitar for 22 years and this is the first time I have wanted to make a loop cd.
There's 2 types of sample CD's.... Audio CD and Data CD

an audio CD is the same as any CD you will buy in the shop, and will play on any CD player.

a data CD is the kind that you usually put in your computer, like when you buy new applications etc etc.

it is possible to create a CD which has both audio tracks and data tracks, giving your sample CD buyers more choice :thumbsup: you should have enough space on the CD to do that, depending on how long your 350 loops are :)
a good example of the dual mode CD's is the playstation games (playstation 1, ps2 uses DVD's i believe).

The game was usually held on track 1, while the rest of the tracks were the soundtrack for the game :thumbsup:
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