Counterstrike: Collaboration part 2 & ALGO008

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    Counterstrike Recordings: Counterstrike / Katharsys / Nanotek / Zardonic / Forbidden Society - Collaboration Part 2

    It's been a year in the making, but it's been worth the wait. Part 2 has arrived featuring Counterstrike collaborations across 4 continents with diverse hard drum 'n bass artists such as Katharsys, Forbidden Society, Zardonic and Nanotek. These tracks have been devastating dance floors across the globe and will continue to do so for many months to come.

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    Algorythm Recordings: Lucio De Rimanez - ALGO008

    A - Talking Head: Something techy from Russia's Lucio De Rimanez.. Upon first listen, this track might be verging on experimental to some, however, drop it on a dancefloor, and you will see the place explode. A two-step techno fueled monster that sets it off every time.

    B - Ugly Fat Reality: A deeper track from this outstanding young Russian producer. Still pretty hard, but geared more towards the listener than the dancefloor. It has pads and midrange textures that will get the hair standing up on your back. The intricate drum patterns will keep your head nodding. A surefire last song of the night.

    Purchase the MP3's from exclusively for 2 weeks.

    Purchase the vinyl from