Drum & Bass Cosmic Chords - new D&B mix available now! Some dark and techie beats this time!

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    Oct 13, 2011
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    What's up! I've uploaded my new D&B mix on SoundCloud, you can check it out at the following link -


    Or listen right here -

    Also you will find my earlier mixes in various styles on the main profile page.

    For those that prefer Mixcloud -


    And here's the track list:

    Camo & Krooked - Portal
    Sunchase & Nickbee - Cardboard
    Halogenix - Tender Chain
    Halogenix - Laika
    Level 2 - Tone Tone
    Spinline - Dyslexia
    June Miller - Drowning Man (Jubei Remix)
    Level 2 - Straight To The Point
    Nymfo - Recollection
    Phobia feat. Zoe Hakin - Polaroid
    Subterra - Gutter Mouth
    Command Strange - Tesla Underground
    Genotype - Upload Crisis
    Shimah - Origin Of The Cave
    June Miller - Snapcase
    Rido - Focus
    Stray - Contract
    Sabre - Halo Danger
    Misanthrop - Latitude
    Noisia & Phace - Floating Zero
    Subwave - Road Rage
    Phace & Misanthrop - Motor

    Follow me on SoundCloud or 'Like' my artist page on Facebook - your support will be much appreciated!

    Cheers :)
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    Wicked mix, man! First time hearing your stuff and I gotta say its quite technically sound. Hardly heard a slip up at all. Everything flowed nicely with a straight dancefloor dark steppy vibe and it was really great. Sounds exactly like the kind of mix I'd hear out at a show. Particularly liked Tender Chain -> Laika -> Tone Tone. Really good stuff, man, keep it going!
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    Oct 13, 2011
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    Thanks for the kind words man, appreciated! Glad you liked it. This is definitely one of my favourite sub-styles. I do try to vary it by doing a different sub-style each time, however always sticking to a common theme throughout my mixes.