Coohs hardcore/hardstylish kicks

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    Hey, I've been trying making Cooh-esque kicks, but it they never seem crispy enough. I've tried distorting sample kicks, but usually I get closer with taking a synth and making a standard sine-kick with a bit longer decay than "normal" kicks. Then I usually run it into Ohmicide (Or whatever distortion I see) and screw around with it, but the crispness is still lacking! I've been thinking about starting layering a bunch of hi-passed kicks and find some combination, that might work, but maybe you guys got an idea about how to make such nice hardcore kicks?

    For an idea of what I am talking about,

    Around 1:29 he is using an offbeat reversed kick right after the on-beat kick, I believe (I LOVE this kick)?

    I'm going to seclude myself to make a "Le drum kick project" devoted to making crispy kicks now.

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