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Dec 19, 2008
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So I need a new mixer for my 1210's.

Saw these things

Not sure what the difference is between them to be honest and fuck knows what rekordbox is.

Am I right in thinking I can get one of these and use as a mixer for my turntables with the added bonus of or sort of cdjs bolted to the side?

Anyone know if you can use usb sticks with tunes on with these or if you have to plug in your laptop to play digi.
If you have to use the laptop, can I still use the turntables and mixer section without plugging in a laptop? Coz that would be cool.

Any help of advise, mucho appreciated. I'm old school and don't know shit about these things.
Think they are just controllers?

Doubt they are cdjs or have phono inputs tbh as it would make buying cdjs and mixers pointless?

However, I recently bought a djm250 mk2 and love it. It only 2 channels but has seperate filters for each channel and only cost me £299
I’m pretty sure u can hook up turntables to those pioneer ones. But how it works or if it can use one simply instead of a mixer I’m not sure how it works.
you can plug in turntables or whatever you want.
usb's cant be used with those ones. only pioneer controllers that can are the xdj r1 xdj rx and rx 2 and the aero thing but there all 2 channel mixer.

you could try the denon mcx8000 has 4 channels and can use usb sticks
I was going to say talk to Marklar but you can pretty much do it all with controllers.

I'm still abit in the dark though ive not hooked my decks or cdj to it but I'm just having plenty of fun on the controller and its not taking up any space atm
Cheers guys.
Do we know if u have to plug in a laptop to power it if I just wanted to slap on a record?
I can confirm that the Traktor S4 Mk2 is a 4 channel mixer that you can plug turntables into.

I've had mine for 2 1/2 years and its been superb.
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