Concorde Dawn - 'Morning Light' (Timeless)


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Mar 21, 2002
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"Morning Light" - Concorde Dawn (Timeless)

After a few days of anticipated waiting, the postman finally dropped this one onto my doorstep and not a moment too soon! From the moment I heard Bailey rinse this at the beginning of the year, I knew I had to have it! Before I start, an interesting fact: Morning Light (dunno about the b-side) was made entirely on Fruityloops. Just goes to show the power of the Fruit!!!
Its beautiful and haunting melodies are what first attracted me to this tune, and now, 6 months on, Im still feeling them as much as ever! The intro builds up with a synth, before the crooning male vocals ask you nicely not to cry in the morning light. Following this, your subjected to a bassline not dissimilar to Trace & BC's 'Mutated' relick, and then its all over!!! Crashing amens batter your senses in an attempt to deafen you, while the bassline knaws at you constantly, until the finally making way for the second break, before once again building up to a heightening climax.
Not too sure what the b-side is called but its definately dancefloor material, and Im sure this has done bare damage to clubs worldwide. Keeping in a similar amen fashion, this one is no pale imitation of its A-side, instead being a strong track in its own right. A chilling riff guides you through most of the tune, in much the same way BC's 'Blind' does, and as I said, Im sure this is gonna cause enough dancefloor damage.
These are the first tunes Ive heard from New Zealand's Concorde Dawn but I'll definately be keeping an eye out for more of their stuff. Apparently theres soon to be a Klute re-do of 'Morning Light' too.
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