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Time Bomb/Tera Bite
Full Release Date: 21th Jan 2013

The Time Bomb/Terra Bite single is the third release from Duncan Aldcroft and Oliver Tome’s None Decay Music label. The digital label was set up back in 2010, and set about dropping tracks under the name Suspect One (UK). After bringing their production name in line with that of the label, they are specialising in techstep and neuro d&b, as evidence by the new release, which contains the tracks Time Bomb and Terra Bite.

Time Bomb begins as a claustrophobic, maddening voyage into the unknown. MCed vocals lend a touch of reality, before the stuttering beat comes in. Paranoia, darkness and uncertainty are all around, as the bass warps under your feet. The track continues on a level, and the fine detail of the production is showcased. Elements combine in a direct, meticulous way, as the MC continues to remind how close we all are to the edge sometimes.

Electronics kick off Terra Bite, with acid lines giving way to sharpened kicks in an intro which draws influence from techno and beyond. Things soon take a drum & bass curve, but this is not your everyday, run of the mill d&b. A snarling, snaring bassline attacks the senses, instantly transporting you into the club and on to the floor. The track sounds simultaneously like something from Renegade Hardware circa ’96, a classic Detroit techno piece, and future drum & bass, all at the same time. You’ll not have heard anything like Terra Bite, so be prepared for something new.

None Decay Music bring fresh music to your ears, delivering form, function and fire. Make sure you keep your eyes and ears peeled for much, much more from a label and production team with lots to say, and a dynamic and innovative way of saying it.

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