Collection of ’90s Rave Zines


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This collection of ’90s rave fanzines is every graphic designer’s dream. But it’s not just the graphics that make this collection worthwhile—it’s also a rare glimpse into bygone era, when the beats were louder, parties were more underground, flyers were a work of art and the drugs were way less dangerous. So start reading, and if you want to dig into some other archives, check out this 30gb collection of noise tapes from the ’80s.
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nice find.

liking the readers letters section of Blaze

"What is happening to the music of our beloved scene? It's starting to all sound the same"

"A lot of people seem to think jungle is on the way out and it's all shite anyway"

from 93, lol


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Still have all my rave fanzines, most of them are from 92, Blaze 2-12 and a couple of Eternity. I like looking through them for the DJ compilled charts, always find somthing I havent heard for ages.

If I get access to a scanner I will try and upload them here.