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    So I've been producing for a good few years now and I'm starting to feel somewhat confident that I can write something decent, but I honestly believe that the next step to help improve a lot is to share with and learn from other aspiring producers.

    I tossed around the idea of a forum competition based on the random selection of pairs of producers a while ago, which I think would be a good way to forge new bonds or whatever you wanna call it, but yeah.
    I don't really know of anyone into producing d&b apart from this forum, but I'm interested to hear how, if you have regular collaborations, you found your partners in crime, and if you solely use the internet to work together or if you work in the same studio.
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    i have a EXTREMELY experienced and excellent pianist i meet playing at a bar a used to live by here in dubai... the guys was from SA so we got it on with that and our interest in music.... anyway we usually have a session every week friday where he helps laid down melodies, chords and what not into my already made drums template etc... or occasionally we start from scratch which is now.... he literally plays anything i want, and being a free form jazz player he is very good at doing... ie ( me - play something sad, but happy and tell a story to lead to a crescendo) and after a few hits and miss he is there... really enjoy working with someone who knows an instrument because then you can focus more on the technical side and arrangement

    and in honesty i would a full time collab with someone where we can sit in a studio all day bouncing off each other.... too manys i get bored or am far to entertained by the sme 16 bar loop to change it
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    I know a dude is is hot thing on the keys also, but hes not really into Drum and Bass that much, still trying to get him to come round and jam for me on some stuff. Need to ease him in softly with some house I think. Having someone that can really play is such a bonus.
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    I have mixed feelings on this after however many years collabing.
    It helps to have a couple opinions on a track, but sometimes things you like can get axed, or things you don't like can get added. So there is a lot of compromise, being as we are all good friends its not a big issue. Ego and pride should just go out the window, have to think as objectively as you can and not take everything to heart.
    Haven't collabed with some1 I don't know over the internet, so i can't shed light on that but face to face, ive collabed with a few ppl!
    Just make sure no1 gets too intoxicated and thinks something is better than it is!
    Teamviewer and Skype really helped while I was abroad. Atm its just whole projects that are going back n forth. An idea gets sent, I tend to shove as many melodies and ideas in as poss. Then we start cutting back and crafting the song, with the spare riffs or noises they get thrown into the next project or rendered and added to a folder for later use. We have built up a huge bank of sounds and presets we will probably look to give away at some point.