Clip of a new track called Cranked Up


Nov 22, 2010
cool clip, if u dont mind some feedback/opinions, I personally think a more prominent midrange gives a track more presence and identity.

your drums come thru nice and clear, however, i feel ur snare could do with some phattening or layering w a snare heavy in the 150-200hz range(or some other method that u prefer)

remember these r just opinions and preferences of mine so obviously take them, see if they make sense to you then go with what you feel:)

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Mar 24, 2002
Halfway between the gutter and stars
Tuned in now, sounds very promising.

The bass works good before the beat, but things somehow get messy when you drop the break over it all.

Also with the sub it becomes clear how the mid distorted bass and subs are kind of 'too far apart' frequency wise, they don't blend together. But maybe that's what you were going for. It's hard to say anything concrete with such a short clip but you have potential.
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