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Nice selection of tunes HisMastersLGX. Only really fond of a handful in there. Was a well constructed mix to listen to. Really enjoyed Last Chance Saloon - Feel Me. Liked that Two Thirds & Feint tune, not heard that before & not usually the type of tune I listen to or buy. Technically the mix was faultless from what I heard, really strong & you should be pleased with it.

Couple of minor comments, Feel Me was released in 2012, not 2006 & I would only play it once in a mix / recording, no matter how much you like it. And personally I wouldn't label any of the tunes in the mix as 'classics'. Possibly Parallels, Last Chance Saloon & Garden rmx in a few years. Also it is worth putting a tracklist in your posts on here for people to view before listening to the mix