Chris Inperspective US tour Jan/Feb 09


Apr 10, 2007

Now taking dates for the Jan - Feb 09 tour of Chris Inperspective. This is going to be an exciting one. With loads of personal releases as well as a whole slew of tunes for his label, Chris Inperspective has some of the smoothest and roughest tunes around.

His style is distinct and can get any floor moving. He holds two monthly shows as well as various radio gigs in london and around the world. It's been 4 years since this guy has blessed the States with the style of performance only he can deliver and its about danm time he came back.

If you have any interest in this show, please hit me up. I'm looking for promoters as well as eople i can link together in certain areas who want to make the show happen. For contact info, exclusive mixes and to find out more about the grassroots efforts of this show and the succesful Fanu shows, check out

Right now there is an exclusive interview and mix up from the one and only Chris Inperspective on that site. Also check out some mixes and info fom our other artists like Macc, Fanu, Dj Trax and ASC.

For booking inquiries contact -


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