CERN & PRESHA Relocate to Europe + STATE OF MIND Tour and DOSE updates!


Jul 18, 2006

Cern and Presha relocate to Europe:
State Of Mind Europe Tour:
Dose Release updates:

Cern & Presha will be relocating to Europe from March 2011 and will be available for DJ bookings.
With Presha, label owner of Samurai Music joining our European roster, we’ll also be offering special Samurai Music branded event bookings. Artists available for the branded label Night would be; Presha (Label boss), Nymfo, Cern, Dose & State Of Mind.


With his new album “Terminus” due to drop on ‘Gridlocks’, ‘Project 51’ imprint (Audio and looking to be a huge release and already being supported by the scenes Leading artists, Cern will be packing up shop and moving to Europe to live and DJ from March 2011.

Please get in touch to secure Cern for your event.

Cern Bio:
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Cern facebook:


One of New Zealand’s most well known DJ’s and label owner behind Samurai Music, a label which has released music from artists such as; Klute, Moses, Spy, Calibre, Cern, Dose, Nymfo, Trei and many more will be moving to Europe based in Berlin and available for DJ bookings from March 2011.

Presha Bio:
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Recent Mix from Presha:


They Live - '7998' (Exit)
Tokyo Prose - 'Knucklehead' (Samurai Red Seal)
Total Science - 'Concrete Proof' (CIA)
Dub - Phizix
Need For Mirrors - 'Talking Points'
Icicle - 'Ill Feel U' (Shogun Audio)
Dub Phizix - 'Polar' (Commercial Suicide)
Dose - 'Reason Being' (Samurai Music)
Eastcolours - 'Acidized' (Samurai Music)
Total Science & S.P.Y - 'Stay'
Fortran - 'Sardines' (Metro)
FD Feat Script - 'Sent Down' (Critical)
Amit feat Rani - '9 Times' (Commercial Suicide)
Calibre - 'Bass Save'
Dub Phizix - 'Scum' (Commercial Suicide)
Foreign Concept - 'Jaipur' (Ingredients)
Ed Rush & Optical - 'Medicine' (Matrix Remix) (Virus)
Ed:it & Kessla - 'Repercussions'
Marcus Intalex - 'Steady' (Soul:R)

Download / Stream:

State Of Mind

State of Mind who require no introduction with releases on Total Science's CIA Recordings, Teebee's Subtitles Records, Friction's Shogun Audio, Futurebound’s Viper label, Doc Scott’s 31 Records, Concord Dawn’s Uprising imprint, Bad Company, BSE & Obsessions, and more will be touring Europe in April and may 2011.
Get in touch to secure your tour date and for additional information.

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We’ve got some release updates on Dose, with tracks coming out on ‘Diesel boys’, ‘Human Imprint’ label, ‘Optivs’, ‘Red Light’ recordings plus ‘The Upbeats’, ‘Non-Vogue’ imprint and more.

Dose - Squander / Martyrdom - Human Imprint
Dose - Helpless / Reason being - Samurai Music
Minsdcape & Jade - Banshee (Dose rmx) - Eatbrain
The Upbeats & Dose - Raiders - Non-Vogue
Concord Dawn & Optiv - Zulu Warrior (Dose rmx) - Redlight recordings.

January mix from Dose for DnB:GE.


01. Mindsape & Jade - Banshee (Dose Remix) (Eatbrain/dub)
02. Dose - Martyrdom (Human Imprint/dub)
03. Dose - Brain Drain (M-Atome/dub)
04. Dose - Squander (Human imprint/dub)
05. Dose & Menace - Down The Match (dub)
06. Dose - Helpless (Samurai/dub)
07. Cause 4 Concern - Reckless (Full Force/dub)
08. Prolix - Rude Bizznis (dub)
09. Dose - Face Your Fears (Prescritption Audio/dub)
10. The Upbeats & Dose - Raiders (Non Vogue/dub)
11. Dose - Beneath The Surface (dub)
12. State Of Mind - Rock The House (SOM/dub)
13. Cause 4 Concern - Distress Signal (Full Force/dub)
14. The Upbeats & Teknik - Hollow Mountain (True Playaz/dub)
15. Concord Dawn & Optiv - Zulu (Dose Remix) (Red Light/dub)
16. Hive - Blackout (Ram)
17. Prolix - Lounge Lizzard (dub)
18. Dose - No Excuse (Fokuz LTD)
19. Dose - Words Of Wisdom (Revolution)
20. Cern & Concord Dawn - Insignifiance (Project 51/dub)
21. Dose - Lost Inside (Commercial Suicide)

Stream / Download:

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AIM: AfterThaEnd and TWUAgency
TEL: 0044 7979 325 737

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Jul 18, 2006
State of Mind @ System Dub 005 Radio Show, - V.I.P. HQ Recordings 2011-02-13


01. Cern & Concord Dawn - Shedding Skin
02. State of Mind & Jade - 5 Breaths
03. Jade - Shift
04. Cern & Nymfo - Proton Pack
05. Concord Dawn & Optiv - Zulu „Dose Remix“
06. State of Mind - Novocain Dub
07. Bad Robot - Deep End
08. Hybris - Keeping Me
09. ??
10. State of Mind & Chris Su - Wanna Hear
11. ??
12. NeonLight - The Frozen Tape
13. Borderline - Untitled
14. State of Mind - Punkd
15. Chris.Su - Data Hub „Mindscape Remix“
16. State of Mind - Downward Spiral
17. Dose - Squanderer „Human Imprint“
18. State of Mind - Frankenfunk

Direct Download: (Right click here, save link / target as)

Download link 2: (c/o Bloodstream)


AIM: AfterThaEnd and TWUAgency
TEL: 0044 7979 325 737

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