Can anyone help me find the name of a set?


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Had one a few years ago and have been trying to track it down for ages, have sketchy details about it, but if anyone could name it I would be extremely grateful.

As far as I remember, it was at matrix/telepathy, my tape was labelled Nicky Blackmarket but think the set was by someone else at the same event.

The MCs were Junior Dangerous and Fatman D or maybe Riddla.

It must have been about 00/01, around xmas time, as at the start of the tape there was some promotional stuff about New Years, as well as 'Shabba's Boom Blaster'.

One of the MCs done a bit countdown thing, went something along the lines of:

One time, two time, ready for the school time, three time its me time, four time for the war time....

....Carried on up to about 'ten time' when the drop kicked in and went absolutely mental, been trying to get hold of it for years but no luck.

Anyone have any idea? Cheers...


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lookin 4 set id

ive a partial set on tape of djs ellis dee & pilgrim back in the day @ dance paradise and was wondering if any1 could give me the official name of the event and a track list if possible. mc's on the night include matrix & contajous.
as i said its only a partial set so if any1 has an mp3 of it that they could up or PM me that would be brilliant.
thanks in advance.