Calling all DnB Producers

Hey dnbforum, Echtoo here.

I am working with several individuals on a DnB startup and we're quickly approaching the final stages of launching our new label, Seminal Sounds.

Our focus will primarily be around cataloged digital releases (Beatport/Juno), however we are also aiming to have one or two releases distributed on vinyl per year. Seminal Sounds will remain borderless to any specific classification or sub-genre of drum and bass, however we're maintaining strict guidelines around the quality of what we release.

If you would like to try for a spot on our upcoming release catalog, please submit your unsigned tracks to one of the methods listed below.

Via Soundcloud
or send over an email to

Accepted submissions will be professionally mastered and assigned a catalog number once signing has taken place. Signings will be a hybrid licensing model and production rights will remain with the individual artist.
If you have any additional inquiries please feel free to reach out using the form on our website (additional site content is in progress).

Thanks everyone, we're looking forward to hearing submissions.
Cheers - Echtoo