Drum & Bass Calling all dnb producers and djs


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Ez Junglists from all over the world!!

We hope you are all well and in sub freq mode!!

Organalogue is going to be making a live broadcasted show on the Drum and Bass Channel with Digitally Imported Radio. urls below:-

www.di.fm/drumandbass if you wish to understand more about the traffic on ths website please visit www.alexa.com to analyse the data..

it has a good solid listener ship of between 500 - 800 at any one time and this is excluding the listeners on the iphone/andriod/blackberry apps so this is one the of the most tuned into drum and bass radio stations on the internet today.

This is an invite to all dnb djs. producers to have their mix/tunes played as a guest mix on the show over the coming months/year.


If you - artists, labels, DJs, or others - would like to submit your material to DI Radio, AND you think that it is good enough to be played on our channel(s), then please
email us at Organalogue@gmail.com for instructions.

NOTE: Please email just the request for submission and NOT the actual submission itself! Under no circumstances can we accept MP3 or other large media files by email; such emails get deleted off the server without being read.

Your email request need not be lengthy but be sure to include:

1.Bio info (a few sentences on your musical background) so we can introduce this on the show.
2.Description of exactly what you want to send (for tracks, what and how many; for mixes, track listings).

To all producers Organalogue understands the sensitivity around your own material and will only play it on the show live, it will not be shared with anyone.

This is not a plea for material to fill the weekly show with random material to reach our quota as we have been making a 120min show and 60min show every week for 12 months and not missed a show ever. It is a genuine opportunity to have your talents boosted and projected to a worldwide drum and bass audience so you can take it to the next level and we want to support the scene in this way. We do not get paid for making the show we all have day time jobs and give up our weekends so we can support drum and bass from all around the World.

if you wish to know more about Organalogue please check us out on face book, soundcloud, mixcloud or dnb share... just search for Organalogue.

Hope to hear from you soon

Peace inna Bass Bin