Bum and Bass [Dark, hard dnb with abit of half step]


Nov 13, 2009
Ive been producing for about 4-5 months on and off proper getitng into it now. Can i just get abit of feedback on this please i havent panned anything as i only have a mono speaker atm which also has a shit low end response :(. Im thinking of maybe making it grow into an all out hardtek rinse out at the end not too sure tho. Please feel free to rip this tune apart aswell, not going to take anything personally.

Thanks in advance too anyone who comments!
Cheers for the feedback guys its much apperiaced, its really helped me progess with this tune. I had got to the point where i was sturggling to tweak it, you have given me a ton of ideas tho so thank you :D Think im going to knock up a dark sample pack today/tommorow as ive got some real gems, to give abit back to the fourm!

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