Bristol based female MC sought


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Hello my name is Simon Baker. My brother Jason and I are filmmakers who is looking for a female MC to appear in a short film called 'Narcosis' that we are shooting in Bristol probably in February.

The MC will feature in in a scene when she is performing on stage and being stared at in a somewhat creepy way by one of the characters from our film. The character, whose name is Christian, later storms onto stage in a drugged frenzy. There is an altercation in which which Christian pulls the mike out of the MC's hand and she punches him in the face.

The main reason that the MC needs to female is that it is a crucial part of our story that Christian's girlfriend, Ruby, becomes jealous while Christian is staring at the MC and goes off with his friend.

We are funding this film ourselves and, regrettably, can not afford payment. The MC would also appear on the soundtrack.

If you are interested or you would like more info you can reply here or email me directly at