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Flying Fish “Sing it Loud/If I could Fly” Skyline Recordings
Comprising of ex Herbaliser Malachi Trout and Ed Morris from Citizen, this duo have previously released cuts on Ninja Tune, Bar de Lune and Good Looking. “Sing It Loud” uses phongraphic test record samples to add to the funky hip hop flavour. Fat funky breaks bisness. Very assessable , one you will take to straight away. “If I could Fly” is the sassy flip side. Its at a hip hop pace and Elliot Mays jazzy vocals drift over the rhodes keys perfectly. Ollie Teeba’s scratching also plays a part in adding to the simple but brilliant arrangement.

Atomic Hooligan “Papercuts/Weed” Botchit & Scarper
I dropped this at a party a few days ago and it smashed the place up. Justin Berry’s punkish jazzy vocals get mangled in to the dirty bass. The second drop is super heavy. It’s a smasher. I absolutely love the filth funk sub and crazy vocal. Superb. “Weed” is a sees dub meet rock in a head nodding acidic show down. It’s a great track, I guess I am not sure how to describe it! No doubt this taster of the new album tells us it will be worth the wait.

Far Too Loud “Play It Loud/Fundemental” Funkatech
The Beatbox intro builds up into a arpegiattor sequence. It’s a big sound, and it keeps building, the breakdown reaches fever pitch. If you thought it had reached full throttle, you were wrong. It’s a filth funk workout. If your body doesn’t move to this you need a jolt in the chest mate. Plenty of dirty edits too, this will mash your head up. “Fundemental” is more minimal, a heavier vibe, but yet strangely funky, despite the dark technoid bass. Verrry nice as Borat would say.

Everyone’s A Crook vs. ILS “Love Will Tear Us Apart” Botchit
The LBJ mix is quite rocky. Taking almost New Order riffs and melding a pseudo guitar sound. It all sounds kind of 80’s. The vocodered voice really tops off the new romantic flavour. Not to mention that rock bass that has been high pass filtered. The Stranger mix is so called because it sounds way out there. Whether it’s the strange chorus like effect on the vocals or the tight arrangement of the bass and drums, its intense.

Rage Against the Machine “Killing in the name(Losers Mix)/Gossip “Listen Up” (Losers rmx) Half Inch Recordings
Eddy Temple Morris (XFM) and Tom Bellamy are the Losers. Already mashing up some excellent remixes such this is a nice surprise. Keeping the high energy of the original RATM track, this switches tempo between angry brooding hip hop and near drum and bass speed. Not the sort of thing I’d play, but gotta respect the uniqueness. The second version of the remix is far more dancefloor orientated, whilst retaining the punk sounds. “Gossip” is a melting pot of styles, with electro, breaks and punk rock all colliding. Big sparks on the dancefloor.

DJ Mutiny “Singing The Blues/Move” Sub Frequency Funk
Possibly Mutiny’s best release yet. Certainly one of the most original funky breaks tracks in a while. As it says it is “Singing the Blues” …mixing blues flavours into a party rocking sound. It’s a rocker of epic proportions. Hopefully this is a massive track, as it deserves to be. “Move” is a big contrast. Taking a four to the floor, and dirty elctroid basslines, it’s a catching sub rub. A booty shaking double.