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Specimin A “Freak in Us” feat Miss trouble/”Rock this House” Funkatech
“Freak in Us” starts with a ice cream man melody ( you know, a music box). It then drops into a elctro rock melody, building up into the main drop. Miss Trouble delivers a powerful vocal performance. It’s almost a rock star performance. Dirty sub and mid warp sounds roll nicely under the melodies. “Rock this House” starts with a deep wash of echoing guitars and soul searching pads. It sounds like it will be a deep roller. Then it bursts into a killer groove. Electronica and distorted bass line battling it out. Another fine release from Funkatech.

Quest & Odessi “Break Me” (Quest vs Pyramidmix/Lillicia Libertine mix/Orig) Botchit & Scarper
This is some heavy return from Botchit. Odessi’s seductive vocal swill get the temperature raising. Whilst the filthy underground bleeps weave between saudi arabian melodies. The bassline is a dirty wobbling cone pushing beast. Superb , and there is plenty more of quality to come. The Electro re work is dirty as hell. Filthy metallic reverb effects and glitchy edits make this a head twister. The orginal is a blinder too, with slightly cleanber funkier edge, but the sexual vocal is still there. An essential selection

DEF Inc “Filthy Dirty/Freak n Fry” Botchit Breaks
DEF inc still have the formula and this third release for the Botchit stable shows they still like their nasty basslines. The vocal snippet drops in “Obscene, dirty, filthy “. The house/electro bassline veers towrads musical rather than noise. It’s a new approach. Nice stabs add to the vibe. Verrry nice.”Freak N Fry” takes that hard house off the beat bassline and twists it up into a funky sort of breaks re interpretation.

Losers Vs Candi Staton “You Got The Boot” Pirate Breaks
Eddy Temple Morris & Tom Bellamy are losers, unless of course you think this remix is funkin bad. And I do, they managed to add their rock orientated take into a soul/house classic. The bass just has that extra dirt, yet it does not distract from the captivating vocal. As the house mix of this is one of the classics, it isn’t so easy to get this right, but the loosers have not lost it, in fact they win the day with this one.