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Breakout of Blackpool Drum n Bass celebrates Luke EP's Bday bash with the almighty BREAK one of the biggest dnb producers around.


Symmetry / DNAudio / Quarantine / Shogun Audio

Acquiring a love for the breakbeat through jazz and funk records, Break took to the drums at a young age, learning piano along the way and taking to the turntables at the age of fourteen.

A talented musician with a wide range of influences, Break looks to push the barriers in whatever he’s doing. Crisp breaks, heavy bass and strong melody are stable marks of his productions making him a firm favourite with a variety of the scenes top DJs.

Break hooked up with the DNAudio crew back in 2001 after meeting Squire through mutual friends. Since then he has played an important role in the label’s expansion, working closely with Silent Witness in developing a fresh & devastating new sound.
DJ A-Sides was quick to sign Break’s debut, Cocktail for the ‘East Side Jamz 2’ LP and wasted no time releasing his first solo twelve, ‘Sticky Situation’, the ‘Breakout EP’ and a string of other singles.

His partnership with Silent Witness lead to releases on No U Turn and since then Break hasn’t looked back. As one of the most prolific producers in the scene, long hours in the studio have lead to outings on East Side, Fuze, Commercial Suicide, Quarantine, Critical, Invaderz, Explicit, Subtitles, Metalheadz, Levitated, Shadow Law and DNAudio; all building on Break’s reputation as one of the drum & bass’ hottest new talents.

As well as now working closely with Fierce and with singer Kyo in the studio, Break's busy DJ schedule sees him play across the UK and Europe several times a month, with every set being crammed full of killer fresh dubs blended seamlessly with underground classics.

with a host of the north wests freshest talent , the Breakout residents and the usuall madness come and celebrate Luke's birthday in propper Breakout fashion!


DJ's :

BREAK - Symmetry / DNAudio / Quarantine / Shogun Audio

Luke EP 4 Deck Set
The birthday boy will be smashing out a 4 deck set with dark rolling beats expect something different!

AJAY (SouljahSessions/Breakout)
Yes the AJAY from back in the day , djing for 18 years in blackpool AJAY was at the forefront of the blackpool music scene in 96 and continues to be rockin crowds today

Mr Bugg aka Logic
With his first dj set at Breakout as Bugg his alter ego for djing and producing. Bugg came 2nd place in DJ Sappo's Mixtape Impossible remix competition is signed to 2 UK labels, 1 US and 1 Canadian label ( digital and vinyl distribution )
He djs and mc's all around the uk and fast become a favorite and well respected underground musicians on the manchester scene in a very short period., as well as joining up with manchester's number one jump up dnb squad RUTHLESS KOMBINATION ( Rowney, Propz and Frisko ), Logic aka Mr Bugg is now setting up S?ynal Records as his own label to provide a platform for himself and many underground artists to get their music heard independantly.

Gamanji & MKU
Breakout residents since 2006 Gamanji & MKU are known to set the tone with a selection of dark rollers and jungle.

Aka Mr Savage might be better known for playing in bands on the blackpool circuit. Ironicly he plays the drums and bass with drum and bass and mixing close to his heart while in the bands Quebed has been mixing for 8 years and tears it up with a tight selection of propper beats.

Electrotrip & Marshall
You know the score , junkbox promoters, dj extrodinare's with a rare jungle set from Electrotrip and Marshalls fruity goodness warming up the night nicely!

Rob Del Terror B2B Barely Human
Blackpool born and bred Rob has been djing in blackpool for 8 years he resided at the Higher Forms nights in 2005 , Breakout since 2006 and set up his own night in 2007 , Audio Factory . Known to terrorise dancefloors with dark beats and scratching rob is also a dab hand at turntablism.

Also born and bred in Blackpool Barely Human aka IQ was in the reginal finals in the DMC championship. Djing for 10 years Al can mix anything he turns his hand to , expect something really special from these two on the night.

Mc's Logic & Akie


Venue : The Underbar , Blackpool

Price : £5 b4 12

Time : 10pm - 4 am

Date : Saturday 13th March

Info : 07512352072 /

Over 18s ID may be required
Breakout has been supplying blackpool with drum n bass since 2006. Starting in a cafe in the town centre with support from Bassprovida and then onto the Underbar.
Breakout filled a gap in the music scene and pushed local djs and music in Blackpool after the much loved drum n bass night Higher Forms ended. Filling that gap since Breakout now Brings the biggest djs producers and mcs to Blackpool and continues to push and promote local talent from blackpool and up and coming musicians from around the country.
we'd like to say thanks to all the people supporting us over the years it wouldnt be possible to have these nights without you large the fuck up!

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