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BFAD013 // Reactiv - Badlands EP
A: Reactiv - Badlands
B: Reactiv - Hyperion
C: Reactiv - Brothers
D: Reactiv - Shatter

Release date: 06.07.2009

With all due pride, Break-Fast Audio presents its thirteenth release: Reactiv's 'Badlands' EP is a 4-track collection of highly original and creative works by the first American drum & bass soldier on this label.

BFAD013A: Reactiv - Badlands
Badlands' got Reactiv signature all over it. Highly percussive half-stepping breaks work together with a continuous array of back and forth-moving atmospherics that take you on a journey through unknown territory. And an epic journey it is. Badlands has everything one who appreciates deep drum & bass can ask for, and more.

BFAD013B: Reactiv - Hyperion
Hyperion starts off with a little synthy lead that will keep haunting you during the ride. Along the ride Reactiv introduces a vocal sample on top of the atmospherics which will send emotional rushes through any man's body. On top of that, there's a bassline that is so deep and dark, it leaves us with a mixture of excitement and concern bringing you this track. Hyperion will leave no listener unaffected, that is for sure.

BFAD013C: Reactiv - Brothers
Brothers is another gem from Reactiv's studio. What made Reactiv give this title to his track is still unknown, but it surely makes us feel a brotherly love for a man who contrives tracks like these. Brothers shows that it is still possible to creatively arrange conventional funkbreaks in a way that can only be described as truely original. Adding up a massive bassline which destroys a dancefloor in seconds, Brothers is one hell of a great tune.

BFAD013D: Reactiv - Shatter
Rolling its way forward with a break including intense percussive action, Shatter shows that Reactiv has a great talent for many different sounds within the whole spectrum of drum 'n bass. A signature-sound bassline which goes deeper than deep walks along the straightforward motion of the beats, whilst being surrounded by highly mechanical metalic reeces that float around in the back. Shatter is a tune that will wake up any early-night dancefloor and makes it move.

Break-Fast Audio proudly brings you Reactiv's EP, once again confirming there's still an enormous amount of talent out there waiting to get recognized. Keep an eye out for Reactiv because this man will drop another few releases out there soon!

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