Brand New Webshop!

Where do you see room for improvements on our new website

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Feb 26, 2011
Brand New Webshop!

Check out the brand new webshop, where we are currently selling over 6000 drum 'n bass records!

We buy and sell dance music in general and are specialized in Drum 'n Bass and Jungle.

We specialise in a wide range of back catalogue electronic music, quality releases from Jungle and Drum 'n Bass to Minimal Techno to House Classics to 1990's Hardcore to Garage to Dubstep and everywhere in between! Other traditional genres also now stocked: Rock, Reggae, Pop etc. Most of our records are originals from warehouses or choice picked DJ collections. We are also now planning to sell many official new reissues of classic records.

We're based in Breda in the South of the The Netherlands, but we can send to any area of the world. If the record you're looking for is not for sale in our shop, please send us your wish list as we have lots of backorder possibilities.

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