Brand new Freaky Flow ‘Flashback’ mix CD!


Waddap! Just a quick announcement to let everyone know that Freaky Flow’s new CD, entitled ‘Flashback,’ is now available. This mix CD is unlike any previous Freaky Flow mix CD in two ways:

(1) It features ONLY Freaky Flow’s own production and remix work, spanning from his early tracks to his present music (including the long-sought-after ‘Northern Touch’ remix and ‘Linus and Lucy,’ a/k/a/ ‘The Charlie Brown Tune’.) ...Exact track listing can be found here:

(2) Since this disc is independently manufactured and sold by Freaky Flow himself, without any aid of an outside record label, it is not available at any of the major music chains. Instead, it is currently ONLY available for purchase at the following locations:

a. (Exact order URL:
b. The venues in which Freaky Flow plays during his tour stops.
c. A few local independent rave/record/ticket/clothing stores.

Also, Freaky Flow BALLCAPS and T-SHIRTS will soon be available. More on that in about a month or so.

If you get the chance to listen to the CD, feel free to post your thoughts, opinions, bigups
, and/or ruthlessly hurtful criticism
right here. And come check out The Flow during the mega-'Flashback' tour. (Tour info here:

Word up, and thanks for supportin'!

- Freaky Flow Productions -