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Aug 6, 2009
Essex, England
I've had a set of LP bongo's sitting around in the cupboard for a few years now, used to play them on the regular, y'know, just sitting there jamming away to whatever I had playing on the stereo at the time. Got fairly good at them too. But havnt had a jam on them for a few years now and I'm very rusty. Got them out last night, gave them a tune up, and think I'm gonna start playing again.

Anyway, had a quick look on youtube for some inspiration and came across this guy.......WOW!!!!

Thinking about recording some sounds and riffs from my own set of bongo's and incorporating them into a track
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Feb 8, 2002
sure, i have a bongo grits bought for me in kerala, i usually record some hits or some phrases for my songs, i also have drumsticks which makes it even more interesting.
grits has a small darbuka that we stuck a mic up from under, through a pink behringer pedal and then a TC compressor and got sik neuro bass
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