Blazin' - Up & Comers Night - WINNERS ANNOUNCED

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    Here's the line-up for this month's Up & Comers night @ Blazin.

    Thursday 25th August
    Lounge 243 Swanston Street Melbourne Australia
    10:00pm - 6:00am
    entry: $7 / $2

    Firmly on the Hospital records tip, Valuetime’s tuneful and positive flavoured sets show an ability to move fast in the mix and build a vibe that reflects his highly musical background. Also sporting some of the most exciting production skills around his tunes are getting airplay from locals all over the shop as well as receiving big-ups from internationals such as Big Bud who has him earmarked for future material.

    Straight outta the blocks and smooth as peanut butter, Scholtzy’s mixing is pretty much flawless due to the countless hours he’s been locking himself in his bedroom and mixing for in the last year or so. Showing dedication to the trade and a real grasp of where his style is headed his tastes in tunes are remarkably mature for someone who has only been into the DNB for a small amount of time. Big Up Scholtzy!

    DJ Will
    With a badbwoy jump-up selection and tight mixing this newcomer to our shores looks set to hit dancefloors in a similar manner to the badman Rux. Taswegian by origin and quiet by nature, Will is anything but backward when it comes to getting loud behind the decks. Watch DIIIIIIS!

    Zero Hour
    Pushing the edgy and forward thinking sound in DNB, Zero Hour’s more mellow and progressive mix included an excellent array of tunes from Fokuz and Covert Ops and some solid mixing. Often overlooked at parties with a strictly dancefloor attitude to their tunes this young head has got exactly the sort of style that is required for a early sets at Blazin’.

    Sporting a last minute entry that spans from liquid funk numbers and the deeper end of the spectrum this junior junglist with a very pommy sounding voice has been bashing it out on the airwaves of Dance Nation Radio recently and getting busy in the mix. Respect mate.

    *note - this is not the order of set times... they will be posted closer to the date.