Black Budget Review of 777 and Beit Nuns - Now you Know



Track 01 - Now You Know (ft Pace Won)

777 starts the track off with a strong multi syllable flow and delivery that is as clear as Mr Muscles windows. The hook does a good job of bringing each artist's verse together, fitting the feel and flow of the track. Pace Won has an extremely lazy style and I think that his attempt at sounding laid back has just made him sound like he simply cant be arsed. Beit Nun brings the energy back to the track giving a verse as good as if not better than 777. Overall the track is good but Pace Won's energy (or lack of it) takes away from the feel of the track and the beat borders on the repetitive side, how ever, the scratching from Jabba Tha Cut does provide a much needed break to the loop.

Rating: 6/10
Track 02 - Ill Be Strong (ft Jane Ellis)

All artists involved in this song really brought their A games both Beit Nun and 777 destroy the beat with unique flows and relevant bars. Jane Ellis's hook is perfectly suited to the track and her ad-libs throughout add to the feel of the track. From start to finish this is a banger theres nothing more to say about it!

Rating: 9/10
Track 03 - Cinematic Visuals

777 and Beit Nun have dropped all features for this track and created a quality song that is as deep as the ocean. The two artists really capture the feel of the beat and drop verses that grip you like a vice. There is nothing negative to say about this track at all and it is one of the best I have reviewed in a while.

Rating: 9/10
Track 04 - Now You Know (ft Pace Won)(Radio Edit)

There is no point reviewing the same tune twice....

Track 05 - I'll Be Strong (ft Jane Ellis)(Radio Edit)

There is no point reviewing the same tune twice....

Track 06 - Now You Know(ft Pace Won)(Jabba Tha Kut Remix)

What I said about the vocals still stands but I do think that this a much better version of the track as the beat catches your attention a lot more and is better suited to the overall song.

Rating: 7/10

Innit Records' 'Now You Know' is an extremely short release but the tracks on it are of a high quality. Both 777 and Beit Nun give solid performances on all three tracks making the listener wish that the CD was twice as long.

For a three track (and a remix) CD (not including the radio edits) this is about as good as it can be, as neither artist really had a chance to experiment with their styles or display their diversity to the audience. Saying that 777 and Beit Nun destroyed the few tracks that were on the CD, giving the listener an idea of what they are capable of.

The stand out track for me was Cinematic Visuals, 777 and Beit Nun poured their hearts and souls into this track to make it a real Hip Hop song.

To conclude, I would recommend this short but sweet gem of an EP to any fans of Hip Hop, although it only has 3 original tracks, all of them are worth sticking on the iPod and playing repetitively.