Bizzy bass Recordings 003 out now and FREE!!


Apr 4, 2008
BZB003 Rich Wyatt - Badlands / Neurotech out now!
Feeling bit down with all the hype from Xmas then let us cheer you up with some free drum & bass....Next up for BizzyBass is Oxfordshire's Rich Wyatt with 2 Slabs of Rolling Tech Goodness.

"From 2003 till the present day Rich has DJed predominantly in and around Oxford under the name DJ Raw. Gracing the decks at HQ, Source, Kinetic, Reload, Break Convention, his DJ sets are packed with energy, funk and a double helping of filthy bass! Currently a resident DJ at Terraforms, he has also hosted several radio shows, on both FM and internet stations.

On the production tip, let’s rewind a little back to 2000 when Rich got hold of an AKAI S2000 and started creating music. There were a whole 16 seconds of sample memory back then and a display about the same size as a Casio digital watch all backed up onto floppy disks… Fast forward to 2011, his studio is now 100% in the PC, but the aim of the game is still the same… to produce quality beats and bass!"

BZB003 Rich Wyatt - Badlands / Neurotech

Next up for BizzyBass is Oxfordshire's Rich Wyatt with 2 Slabs of Rolling Tech Goodness
Originally a track for a remix Competition,as soon as we heard this we new we had to snap it up!
Punching kicks and an un earthly atmos from the start drive the track up to the drop then all hell breaks loose,warping bass pull you up and down and intricate drums edits smash you about,this one is gonna go BIG.

Future soundscapes draw you to a melancholy world with beats and blips pulling you deeper into the scape,Beats and and bass bring the noise with the dirtiest Bass that slam you in the face and charges forward,seen this one Destroy dance floors.

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