Billy Daniel Bunter TranceKORE 96 - 97 (March 2013 Studio Mix)


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Its mad to think these tracks are 15+ years old!!

It was a magical time for me. I wasn't feeling the way Hardcore was going with the pop vocals and fairground riffs, and this music along with Rob Vanden, Dzyne, Austin Reynolds, DJ Fury, Helix, Ramos, UFO, Luna C to name a few was were we took it!

A lot of the times we pushed the envelope a bit to much for the dance floor, but if we didn't maybe Hardcore wouldn't of moved on???

Lots of my favorite producers on this mix, lots of my own tunes, as well as my stuff with Rob Vanden, Dzyne and Austin Reynolds under guises such as Bang The Future and GBT Inc.

A lot of it still seems pretty fresh to my ears now, and although worlds away from the Ragga, Rave and Bass vibes I play in 2013, this era played a massive part in my life, and one I am proud of!!


Trance Masters – Call of the last tribe
Fury – Lemonade ray gun
Code 27 – Can’t get enough
Code 28 – Feel my desire
Tailbone – Welcome to my mind
Tripswitch – Tic Tac
Hyde & UFO – Organ Power
Dzyne & Fury – Hyperdrosis
Force & Styles – Apollo 13 (Bang The Future Remix)
Fury – Nu Love
Bang The Future – Real World
GBT Inc – Sky Ride
Rob Vanden – Gates of oblivion
Loving Loop – Fat Bass
Bang The Future – Elek Tek
Billy Daniel Bunter & Jon Doe – I want you (Instrumental)
Future Collective – Look for the truth (Billy Daniel Bunter & Dzyne Remix)
Eruption – Let the music (Bang The Future Remix)
Billy Daniel Bunter – My Dance (Billy Daniel Bunter & Dzyne Remix)
Supreme & UFO – Paradise
Tailbone – Beginning of a new era (Billy Daniel Bunter & Dzyne Remix)
Stu J & UFO – Resin 8
Citadel of Kaos – Paradise Lost (Justin Time Remix)
Vinyl Junkie & Elation – One Style (Rolling Thunder)
Dave Clarke – Stargate (Bang The Future Remix)
Billy Daniel Bunter & Sy – Brand New Concept
Dzyne & Fury – Sing It
Bang The Future – Body Slam
Fury – De Sensitize
Bang The Future – Atomic Lullaby
Tripswitch – Dizstruxshon
GBT Inc – Better Day (Trance Remix)
Ramos, Supreme & UFO – Terminator
Tailbone – In my mind (Helix Remix)
Tripswitch – On my own tip
The Vampire – Techno Storm (Sharkey Remix)