Biggie Smalls - Dead Wrong remix


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Like the track in the first one, although couldn't get my head around the vocals as they not in the same place as the original if you know what I mean? And as its one of my fav biggie tracks it was quite off putting (OCD lol sorry)

Second one was cool overall though


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Alright I am not a fan of the song. Original or yours. That is my opinion and not empirical fact the song sucks. Objectively speaking, the dead wrong remix's piano does not sound eqed right. The tops of the piano and every thing seem to low passed. i understand it is to let the vocal in but I personally think you could bring out the high ends of the piano and make a cut in the middle to let the vocals flow. Have you tried stero panning for the vocal? One left, one right, one straight up the middle? Each with very moderate effects and high eqs on the left and right panning? Did that last sentence make sense?
As far as what you got so far I think you did a good job on eqs. I just think from listening to your other music you could do better.
Sorry man I come off as a dick in this post but I am just trying to give you good feedback and future suggestions.