'Big up Exit'

Download - http://www45.zippyshare.com/v/45406285/file.html
(Soundcloud filters out first two tunes)

1. Photek - The Margin '98 (Doc Scott Remix) [Science]
-- Dub Phizix & Skittles - I'm A Creator [Exit]
2. System - Observation Point [Exit]
3. Fracture - Gangbusters [Metalheadz]
4. H.M.P - Runnins (Origin Unknown remix) [Ganja]
5. T-Power - The Mutant Remix/Rollers Instinct [SOUR]
6. Ed Rush - Check Me Out [Emotif]
7. Stakka & K-Tee - Hear Say [RAM]
8. Aquarius & Tayla - Bringing Me Down [Good Looking]
-- Code 3 - Response Call [Exit]
9. Brain Killers - Screwface [3rd Party]
10. Jonny L - Piper [XL]
11. Icicle - I Feel U [Shogun]
--Dub Phizix & Skeptical - Marka [Exit]
12. Indigo - Ayahuasca [Exit]
-- Omni Trio - Renegade Snares (Foul Play VIP) [Moving Shadow]
13. Instra:Mental - Thugtronika [Exit]
14. Loxy & Resound - Depth Excess [Exit]
15. Rufige Kru - Something About You (dBridge remix) [Metalheadz]
16. dBridge & Commix - Providence [Exit]
17. Calibre - My Chance [Signature]
18. London Elektricity - Fast Soul Music [Hospital]
19. Indigo - Time [Exit]
20. Instra:Mental - Scene 3 [Exit]
21. Lemon D - Urban Style Music (Reprise) [Metalheadz]

Really nice mix mate am enjoying it. What you do it on?
2x numark cdjs and an sl1200 (for dem teases).

Was gonna role straight Exit/Autonomic vibes but alot of that stuff is straight 170 so thought I'd switch it up a bit. Out to anyone who listened man, appreciate it.

The Watcha

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1 week on & wanted to be back at Exits 10th Birthday rave ever since. Have been holding off on listening to the Exit inspired mixes till now for that reason. Something to look forward to that will bring back memories.

Not heard The Margin '98 rmx before, but it set the stage nice & The Creator sounded just right with it, blending the old & new effortlessly. Really enjoyed The Margin '98 rmx & did remind me of Observation Point a little, but that might just be because I hit play on the Soundcloud stream before reading that the first 2 tunes had been cut from the mix. Liked the way Observation Point came in at a break in The Margin '98 rmx while that wound down slightly. Must start playing Observation Point more myself + I have something nice lined up for it in the near future ;) Very pleasing hearing Gangbusters ticking its way through Observation Point's breakdown, but didn't enjoy the way that sat back in the mix from the second drop, needed to be more evident in the mix for me. Runnins rmx brought some breakbeats to the blend with a Lynx style structure which was nice to hear + I'm not usually a fan of the breakbeaty tunes, but it sat well in there. The Mutant Remix/Rollers Instinct triggered memories of sets from old tape packs when I was first getting into dnb :) spooky hooks easing into Runnins rmx nicely. Not heard Check Me Out before, but again kept the vibe flowing with some mild through back flavours & rolled back into some breakbeaty notes with Hear Say, then kept the feelings of breakbeat going through Bringing Me Down, with Response Call tease complimenting that exceptionally well. I did recognise hooks in Screwface & had definitely heard them before, right before the unmistakeable Piper made its way into the mix. Wicked selection right there! & already anticipating that the mix with I Feel U to be a quality blend of 2 relentless tunes, and it didn't let me down. Another sweet blend of old & new tunes :) Marka is in for the breakdown & in for an epic double (just about enough beat to listen to when bringing in Marka, but wouldn't have liked to try that myself. Worked really well though). Ayahuasca complimented I Feel U, but I think it drops a beat or two early, especially if using the start of the vocal or end of the vocal in I Feel U as the drop. Vocals of Renegade Snares vip bless Ayahuasca a treat, again a sweet mix of new & old tunes.

Always nice hearing Thugtronika in a mix + the way your brought Ayahuasca seamed very fitting. Heard Thugtronika in one or two other members mixes over the last year or so & am still in two minds on weather to get it in the stack. Depth Excess built well for the switch, keeping the energy going from Thugtronika before (off topic, but the auto correct on my computer wants to change Thugtronika to Patronising- bit of a random suggestion). Something About You rmx sat well with Depth Excess, bringing a similar structured beat to the mix, building through the tune & keeping Depth Excess in through its breakdown. Always nice to hear Something About You rmx as a friend of mine has it.... must get him to play it some more. Seeing Providence in the tracklist makes me remember an older Exit vs someone tune that it might be before it comes in...... it wasn't the tune I was thinking of, but still a nice tune on the ears, very Calibre-ish & a sweet roller, setting up the mix with My Chance. Fast Soul Music sat well with My Chance & I'm not usually a fan of London Elektricity's tunes, but it sounded nice in the mix. Loved the way the half time beat of Time complimented rolling structure of Fast Soul Music, bringing the mix back to some more familiar Exit territory & tunes that I favour. Swiftly after the second drop of Time, Scene 3 is in to work its magic in the mix, sitting very well on the beat of Time. Those two tunes sounding quality in the mix & has to be 1 of my favourite blends in there :) not heard Urban Style Music before, but the skippy half time, almost hip hoppy swing beat eased in effectively just before Scene 3 dropped from the breakdown. Thanks for making me aware of that last tune! Love that hip hop beat mixed with dnb style.

Was interested to have a listen to this for the 'Big up Exit' title, the tracklist + FatKidOnFire handle, as Ruffan / LittleSnitch's mixes have been pretty interesting from the ones I have seen on here. I could see the angle you were going for in there, but busting out a fair selection of older tunes, a la Doc Scott's era ect. I did enjoy the more 21st century Exit Records bits & the odd breakbeaty bit, with classics like Piper & Renegade Snares thrown in + a newer stand out tune like I Feel U in there for good measure. Enjoyed the bit of 3 deck / cdj business on the go, as at one point the tunes were coming in swiftly. Plus 22 tunes in 47 minutes is a wicked ratio, without the mix sounding rushed or cluttered. A nice listen 1 week after Exits 10th Birthday & a good way to start a Friday morning.

Would be wicked if you could have a listen to my latest mix & jot some thoughts / feedback C Tee


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Just got round to listening to this. Busy time of year for me so I can't give a track by track detailed review like Mr Watcha, but that was very enjoyable to listen to. Lots of things mixed together that I would never have thought to put together myself, like:

12. Indigo - Ayahuasca [Exit]
-- Omni Trio - Renegade Snares (Foul Play VIP) [Moving Shadow]
13. Instra:Mental - Thugtronika [Exit]

And they worked well. Also quite a few bits that I've never heard before. I thought Urban Style Music was perfect for finishing on - definitely gonna have to download that one.

Mixing was tight and like Watcha said "A nice listen 2 week after Exits 10th Birthday & a good way to start a Wednesday morning."