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    also feature articles on WILD CHILD AND DOGS ON ACID. STAKKA article now online @

    top 5 drum n bass

    1. FISSION: Pyramids / Luxor (Nerve Recordings) 5/5

    Scotish based label Nerve Recordings take the label to new limits with what is there best release to date. Lucky 13th. Pyramids is the dance floor demon of the 2 with a great dee jay friendly intro whilst Luxor is a nice pipe influenced organic piece. Neither give up once they get that tempo flowing. You’ll want to play the entire tracks from start to finish.

    File under: Abstract, Psidream, Breakbeat Science

    2. AUDIO & WILDCHILD: Cyberdyne (Wild Style) 4/5

    2 great cuts on WILDCHILD’s new imprint WILD STYLE. Audio & Wildchild have worked on numerous collaborations and this one sees all the great hall markings of their past projects whilst taking it ever forward. The Drum Sound & Bassline Smith remix is my favourite of the 2 which makes great use of the Cyberdyne sample which I suspect is from some cult sci fi film. Great tech sequences answering back and forth in some sort of weird communication between (wo)man & machine. Very nice.

    File under: Stakka, Garon, G2

    3. FRESH: Flood Light / Tomb Raider (Dogs On Acid) 4/5

    Lots of debut releases this month from new labels. This project is something of an internet baby as Dogs On Acid originally started out as a web forum for drum n bass heads & junglists world wide. a&r’d by BBC Radio 1’s Grooverider the label aims to to release both established artists and up & coming talent. First up is a massive 12” from the site’s founder Fresh (now living in Brooklyn). It features the eagerly anticipated groundbreaking anthem ‘Floodlight’ and the heavy soldier step ‘Tomb Raider’. Both of which were truly ‘rinsed-out’ at this year’s Miami WMC. Only available online:

    File under: Pendulum, Breakbeat Kaos.

    4. ROYCE & FREE STEPPA: Gun Man / Rush (Steppasoundz) 4/5

    Released back in 2002 Free Steppa gave this to me recently when I was playing out at Direct Drive, NYC. I played it on the spot. 2 years later I feel its still worth a mention. Rush is my favourite, An old skool influenced track programmed to make you, erm… RUSH. Lots of bleepy chaos fused with industrial reassurance. Gun Man is a dark twister that tells the story of a man in black making his journey across the desert. Worth hunting for on the internet.

    5. TANGENT: Tellin The People. Abstract remix 4/5

    Seems a bit unprofessional to review my own track so I'll let someone else.

    top 5 breaks

    1. THE BOOTY BOUNCERS: Get Dirty Baby (Rat Records) 5/5

    An awesome break beat package from the UK’s premiere hardcore beats label: Rat Records. This is one serious release. Miami Bass flavas without the cheese factor. The original mix is the one that’ll get the dance floor shakin with its hypnotic top end synth melody chirpin away over a layer of phat sub bass and snappy bounce back atcha beats. Wikid !

    File under: so solid crew, zinc, deekline

    2. GOODFELLAS: I Like To Move It, Move It / Pull Up (666) 5/5

    New white label project 666 continue to push copyright laws to the limit with this dual bootleg release. The main cut is a jump up garage warbler of a beast which lifts the vocals from Real 2 Reals ‘I Like To Move It, Move It’ and slaps them across a foray of 2 step break beat goodness. Watch yer bass bins. The flip is a garage remix of Mr Vegas’ ‘Pull Up‘ its a smooth and crunchy number with soulful vocals and amen drops. Radio support already from KTU’s Riddler.

    File under: mj cole, authors of streetology, stanton warriors

    3. DANIEL MERLOT: Sisters Of Seven (Sinc Recordings) 4/5

    The Bassnectar remix wins the best cut on this release, no doubt. This 12” features tracks from the forthcoming ‘Crash Berlin’ Album, produced by Daniel Merlot and friends. Lorin Bassnectar takes the original and gives it the heavy twisted bassline treatment as only he knows how. Lots of additional acid tones and all kinds of other madness. Expect to see the less experienced clubbers loose it as they dribble uncontrollably whilst dancing around the nearest speaker. Madness I tell you !

    File under: skool of thought, raw as fuck

    4. ECT: Boomerang (Carbon) 3.5 / 5

    The A side cut is an absolute killer of a track: Snappy breaks which explode all over the dance floor when the b line drops. it’s a dynamic minimal track which makes it great to mix up on the dance floor. Lots of haunting vocals flying around to keep it interesting “I LOVE IT“. The flip cut is more of lounge lizard mix for a less chaotic crowd.

    File under: sasha, hyper, ursula 1000

    5. VLAD: Good Tea / Nice House (Sokolov Sounds) 3.5 / 5

    Vlad is already known as one third of Breakneck (TCR, London Breakz) and continues to push breaks as a solo artist. Good Tea is a moody atmospheric number with obvious influences from his underground UK garage past with “that” bassline sound. The flip is a fusion of many styles with some great sub bass rising out of nowhere to keep ‘Nice House’ plodding along. This is the first release on Vlad’s own label Sokolov Sounds. We wish him the best of luck.
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    Slap me silly and call me susan! But I thought Luxor was kinda dull!