BiG PSG 'Whats a Prestyle' OUT JULY 21st FOR FREE

Yes that’s right I will be dropping my latest EP ‘Whats a Prestyle’ on July 21st 2011. ‘What’s a Prestyle’ is a fully original EP that consists of 5 prestyle (pre written freestyle) tracks and one full song. The tracks on this EP are taken from my full length release “Just Call Me P” that will be released later this year (August/September target). Its named ‘What’s a Prestyle’ in an attempt to try and restore the real meaning of a freestyle (off the top of the head). I have tried to include a variety of prestyle tracks which feature production from all over Europe: Tritone Beats (Poland), Politiks Productions (Germany) and Pro P (England). The three videos I have made to tracks off this EP have totaled just over 40,000 views on youtube in just over two months. The EP will be pressed to CD, shipped for a small donation and Royal Mail’s costs and available for FREE DOWNLOAD here and on


1. My Introduction (Produced by Politiks)
2. Real Shit (Produced by Tritone)
3. Pressure (Produced by Tritone)
4. My Warning (Produced by Pro P)
5. 24 Bar Punch Up
6. I Need Dollar Remix (BONUS) (Produced by Tritone)