Big Beat/Breaks ID (from 2000ish)

Hi all,
back in 2000/2001 on a useless set of turntables with a buggered crossfader, I had a double vinyl pack that I think was an album, the cover of it was military green/brown and had (I think) small pictures on it in the same colour/tone of peoples heads (probably the DJs/producers) which were enlarged and on smaller bodies. it was all breaks/big beat and recently i've come across a very old tape with a mix I did on,like i said, a cheap mixer with a busted crossfader which is bleeding through what i'm listening to on the other deck: which in this case is to my advantage....

..because you can hear me skipping through all four sides of both vinyls looking for a track to mix into. up until this mixtape the only thing i've had to go on is the description of the double LP's sleeve:

here are the clips: sorry they are so short, but hopefully someone can ID the album they came off!?

i've slowed them down slightly as I was foolishly trying to mix them into a DnB set I was doing, the track you hear playing over the top is 'Ram Trilogy - Superfly' off RAM records, but hopefully that doesnt get in the way of IDing the Big Beat/Breaks album i'm trying to find!

here is the "full" clip i took from the mix, which has more snippits in...and its at the speed of the mix, so everying is a little faster

any help greatly appreciated!