BFAD028 // Hidden Element & Detail - Signs Of Hope EP

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    BFAD028 // Hidden Element & Detail - Signs Of Hope EP


    A: Hidden Element & Detail - Hope Comes In Many Forms
    B: Hidden Element - Untitled Trip
    C: Hidden Element & Detail - Redemption
    D: Hidden Element - Plastic Thoughts

    Release date: 28.01.2013

    Hope. As we at Break-Fast Audio are proving to you over and over with every single bit of sheer musical brilliance we release upon you (*cough*), we can safely say it still exists today for quality drum & bass. Ukraine's extremely talented duo Hidden Element, joining forces with the similarly ingenious Detail for 2 productions on this absolute smasher of an EP. Expect some seriously spherical tunes, along with some pumpin' solid drum rolls to get any crowd up on their feet instantly.

    BFAD028A: Hidden Element & Detail - Hope Comes In Many Forms
    Hope Comes In Many Forms. Moles dig 'em, in America it's apparently the 200th most common name for girls and televangelists preach it's still there for today's youth. In this particular case, it just comes in the form of a truly wicked tune, taking you through a soundscape filled with spiralling synths and crisp breaks.

    BFAD028B: Hidden Element - Untitled Trip
    No need fixing any dates with Lucy in the sky and those diamonds, as Untitled Trip guarantees your one-way ticket to dreamland, no additives added. Entheogenic tones over dry roasted beats will get your mind and feet to their next level of existence faster than you can say "hey, who put these shrooms in my coffee?"

    BFAD028C: Hidden Element & Detail - Redemption
    Chilled out vibes set the mood in this mesmerizing masterpiece. Panoramic soundscapes and deep perpetual drum rolls will pave your path towards redemption, rejoice in its sanctity and save your soul!

    BFAD028D: Hidden Element - Plastic Thoughts
    On this EP's final episode "Plastic thoughts", its reversed beats and vocals will sound like an angel peeing in your ears. Deep 'n dark synths added too, for your listening pleasure. Enjoy! (as if you had any other option).


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