Best Mixer £300 - £500?


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Oct 23, 2008
Hello peeps

Any suggestions on best mixers in the region of 3 - 500 squid?
Its not for me - its for my boyf. Hes been mixing for a couple of years and is gettin good now....

So far ive come across Allen & Heath Xone, Ecler Nuo 5, Pioneer DJM600.........totally blithered as to what to get and what is best for dnb?!

Needs to be 3ch +

Cheers Lovelies x:rolleyes:


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Jan 2, 2008
Are you willing to buy second hand? I'm looking to spend around the same amount and second hand you could get a DJM600 for as low as 300 quid, or an allen and heath xone 42 for a bit more.
It doesn't really matter what mixer to get unless he wants to scratch, but i think it should be between the xone 42 or the DJM600, as they are practically industry standard


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Aug 17, 2008
+1 for the DJM600, havent used any of the others you mentioned but it felt very solid and had plenty of nifty features, if its 2nd hand try and make sure it hasn't been ragged though.
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