Ben Repertoire - Two Hungry Ghosts Guest Mix


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Jul 20, 2004
San Francisco, CA
Ben from Repertoire Records supplies an hour of recent releases and forthcoming material from the likes of Transmute, Lossless, Metalheadz, Function and 31 Records. The mix also features two forthcoming tracks on Repertoire, the Homemade Weapons Remix of Something Else by Artilect and the Blue Note inspired Law & Wheeler Remix of Titans which will form part of a special Repertoire vs Blu Mar Ten Music release.


Need For Mirrors - Ethos [Spirit Remix] (Blu Mar Ten Music)
Soul Intent - Just Words (Lossless Music)
Commix - White Trash (Dispatch)
Breakage - Elmhurst Dub (Index)
Adred - 160 Breaks (Metalheadz)
Digital - Rejection [Remix] (Function)
Homemade Weapons - ???? (Unreleased)
Joakuim - Funk As You (31 Records)
Friske - Temperamental VIP (Metalheadz)
Artilect - Something Else [Homemade Weapons Remix] (Repertoire)
Current Value - Reconsider (31 Records)
Blu Mar Ten - Titans [Law & Wheeler Remix] (Repertoire vs Blu Mar Ten Music)
Halogenix - Velvet (Critical)
Paragon - Dominate (Lossless Music)
Law & Wheeler - Dissolved (Transmute)
Ewol - Opaque (Plasma Audio)
MDUB - She's Lost [Hidden Turn Remix] (Free Download)
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