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Press Release: Behind The Mechanism/Various Artists/

Digital Release Date: 5th October 2013/

Drum and Bass, as we all know, is not a new phenomenon. ‘Behind The Mechanism’ is a representation of where the music lies today. Odyssey Recordings ethos is to focus on realism, music with character and soul. With this outlook and belief, we have scoured the globe searching for new unsung talent that has grown from a history within Drum and Bass and electronic music. On our journey we have come across an abundance of new artists who have their roots firm within this genre which resonates from the original 90’s vibe where the music was taken to new heights through experimentation with sound. The select group of artists showcased on this compilation are the nuts and bolts behind the music or ‘Behind The Mechanism.’

Behind The Mechanism is a Compilation of various artists from within the Odyssey Recordings roster. The Compilation is showcasing their unique style of production skills within electronic music, using their imagination and tools to create this sound in the present day. There are 27 tracks on this compilation of varying styles available at all major online digital music stores on Saturday 5th October 2013. In addition there will also be a limited edition double CD release.

1. Aural Imbalance – Trajectory
2. Blok One - There In The Distance
3. Dilemma - Morality Check
4. HumaNature – Venom
5. Illusions - Forever You
6. Innaself - Cold Rush
7. Jrumhand – Bliss
8. Juttla - Liquid Burn
9. Kesar - 1 Step Closer
10. Khemikal - Someone’s Waiting
11. Kurruptdata – Constellations
12. Kytel - Before The Storm
13. Lullus - Galaxies Away
14. Mykon - Maybe One Day
15. Mr Moon - Steady Stream
16. Narkotix – Focus
17. Okee & Psyko Konceptor - Orbital Decay
18. Parhelia - Over The Iridium Seas They Fly
19. Pariah – Prowler
20. Pri Jungle - Firin At Headz
21. Raffski - Summer Shuffle
22. Rhythm Tek – Hope
23. Sanz - So Tired
24. Scartip – Servitude
25. Tidal - Underwater Blues
26. Vel Curve – Morley
27. Vigorous - So Good

Distinctive music for distinctive minds…
The quality & emotion makes this music the
most meaningful dance music of the moment…
Odyssey of the Mind…