Beginner seeking advice


Okay, for a beginner, its not bad. I do have a couple of tips though.

1. Start the intro a bit calmer, dont start with that melody. create an intro to the track which is different to the rest of the song.

2. One tip with drum and bass is to make the 'drop' pretty intense. im not saying make it louder or whatever, but there are many techniques for doing this. For example. dont start the main drum pattern till the drop!

3. Work on EQ. there are many tutorials on youtube. DO IT.
i thing this should be in New Talent and Track Reviews but nevertheless i really dont know what kind of genre is this aiming to but for me it sounds kinda like some old game soundtrack which isnt a bad thing and maybe you wanted it that way? but as any of us here ad me included you have a big journey ahead of you so keep it up!


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Okay, for a beginner, its not bad. I do have a couple of tips though.

For example. dont start the main drum pattern till the drop!

Good tips, but I'd respectfully disagree with this one. There are lots of tunes that start with the main drum components, but with a bulding/filtered synth or other "light" melodic component. Mediks "By A Thread" is a good example for this.

I'm of the opinion that it's totally dependent on the tune itself. Maybe you want to start with heavy drums > breakdown > drop or maybe something minimal and melodic that leads right into the drop (ex. "I Used to Have it All" Delta Heavy Remix).

Like I said, no disrespect intended towards you Joe. Rather, someone new to production is susceptible to taking advice too literally and will drive their self mad trying to follow "rules." The reality, which has been repeated ad nauseam throughout this forum and many others like it, is that the only rule of DnB production is that there are no rules.

Having said that, practical EQ usage is definitely one of the first things any new producer should pursue in terms of acquiring knowledge.



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Okay, for a beginner, its bad.

Reverb won't cut it, first make a decent drum break this is like a scrambled box of random sounds after being hit by twelve trucks.
And when you insert pads and lead melody synths make sure they sound decent, and that they complement each other instead of creating a vibe that makes you wan't to kill yourself.

On a more serious note, seriously it really sounds bad, people in here who said it was "not bad" either are retarded or were being to easy on you, of course my post isn't as nice to read but at least its the truth.
Just keep practising this stuff really takes shitloads of time to master, you just have to keep at it.

Cheers and good luck.
You can't give feedback on this, it's just a terrible mix of random sounds that make no sense. EQ will make no difference. You worry about EQ techniques once you know how to make a good tune.

Don't upload tunes until you at least have a basic understanding of how to make something that vaguely resembles drum & bass.


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I can't listen to it here, but if you are seeking advice you should browse the forums yourself, I sure won't paste the links to all helpful threads and I doubt anyone will.