Beatwrecka & MC Rippa-Dee-Ripz (DOPE AMMO): 'Studio Bound' (Studio DnB set)

First proper studio demo with Rippa-Dee-Ripz (Dope Ammo) even though we've been doin live sets for years together...Recorded the mix live in the studio and got Ripz in after to record the vocals, then eq'd and added some fx to the vocals to ensure that the levels are (hopefully) good. The vocals are at a good clear level without overpowering the music which has been the problem when we've recorded live sets before... anyway- let the music do the talkin' n all that- please let me know what you think whether it's positive or negative, i wanna know! :gpeace: ft Miss Dynamite- Wile Out (DJ Marky rmx)