beatalistics003 Loxy&Amaning out now as beatport pre-release!

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    HiVitality presents:
    Loxy&Amaning - “25th HR” /
    Social Security presents Crisis Loan - “Trip 2 The Stars”
    Out now on beatport and as uk vinyl promo copy!

    style: soulful drumnbass
    record: 12” vinyl record /mp3
    release date: november 2006
    distribution: groove attack / load media (uk)
    mastering: the exchange, london
    manufacturing: mpo, france

    beatalistics’ first vinyl album sampler anouncing the forthcoming cd compilation “HiVitality - vital styles of drumnbass” presented germany’s top producers Syncopix and Young Ax. Now the label’s focus is on the english scene: Metalheadz’ Loxy featuring german artist Amaning and London’s Social Security presents Crisis Loan (Hospital Records) deliver deep and hard rollin’ tunes created to rock the dancefloor. But both tracks keep in touch with organic funk and soul, so they perfectly represent the sound of HiVitality.

    Loxy & Amaning present their third colaboration, this time for HiVitality. Their musical partnership is powerful: With combined forces these two producers from England and Germany create rollin’ tracks which hypnotise the dancing crowd and take it into a spinning groove. When Amaning showed some tracks to beatalistics’ label heads Stadler&Waldorf they immediatly knew: “25th HR” would be their choice. So beatalistics is proud to anounce that the producer team’s follow up to “Spear Of Destiny” on the legendary Metalheadz label (Meth070) is the label’s second vinyl release.

    “Trip 2 The Stars” is a deep and moving piece of drumnbass, based on a house music vocal sample that has a hypnotising effect on the dancing people. Fender Rhodes sounds and a saxophone lick give the tune a jazzy facette. And the bass really moves the crowd!

    the label
    beatalistics is a record label for club music based in Bremen/Germany and founded by the DJs Stadler&Waldorf. beatalistics releases on CD, vinyl or mp3 are both: dancefloor tools for club DJs and sparkling sound sources for home hifi systems. Instead of disturbing with industrial coldness they flatter your ears with organic sound - vital styles of urban grooves.
    The record label’s first focus will be on soulful drumnbass. In autumn 2006 a series of releases - three vinyl 12” records as samplers from a cd compilation named “HiVitality” and also MP3 versions of the tunes - will enter the drumnbass arena. In 2007 beatalistics is going to release breakbeat and bigbeat records as well, while the number of “HiVitality” drumnbass tunes will increase constantly.

    other mp3 releases:
    beatdig 001 Henree - “U Do It Right” / Dub Tao - “More Trouble”
    beatdig 002 Er.iC - “El Grande Baile” / Er.iC - “Contrast”

    also available / watch out for:

    Syncopix - “Toasty” / Young Ax - “Funkee Fresh”

    style: soulful drumnbass
    record: 12” vinyl record / mp3
    release date: september 2006


    “HiVitality - vital styles of drumnbass” feat. Loxy&Amaning, Syncopix, Henree, Young Ax, Crisis Loan, Giana Brotherz, MTC Yaw, Dub Tao, Bass Tikal and many more

    style: soulful drumnbass
    record: cd (mixed compilation) / mp3
    release date: january 2007


    MTC Yaw - "Dirty Diamond" / Dub Tao - "More Trouble"

    style: soulful drumnbass
    record: 12” vinyl record / mp3
    release date: january 2007