Be-1ne presents Area Recordings Podcast 004 (Deep Dubstep)

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    Just letting you know that the latest installment in the podcast series is now available. Features a load of new tracks were enjoying at the Area office. Also the podcast is available in 2 formats. you can get your bog standard MP3, or the super dooper M4A. The M4A version has track markers and features links to all of the different artists soundcloud / myspaces.

    Track listing:

    Thechemist - Dreaming
    Pressa - Tattless (Exclusive)
    Aeon - Permanent
    3rdeye & Safire - Embryonics
    Lysergene - Untitled (Area Dubplate)
    DCult - Visionz
    Fused Forces & Sdot - Pushing Forward
    Be-1ne - Cane Cutter (Area Dubplate)
    Aeon - Hanger
    Lysergene - Vibe (Area Dubplate)
    Egoless - Back into Time
    Jimmy Edgar - Hot Raw Sex (Instra:Mental Remix)
    DCult - Face the Sun (Lysergene Remix) (Area Dubplate)
    Krytikal - Encounters
    Be-1ne - Whitey (Area Dubplate)
    Be-1ne - Tube Sound (Area Recording ARE003)

    area recordings podcast 004 MP3 Direct Link

    area recordings podcast 004 M4A Direct Link

    area recordings podcast iTunes Subscription

    Drop us a comment and let us know what you think of this new format, we hope you enjoy it.

    Also a note about the next release:

    Be-1ne - Tube Sound bw illusion 12"

    This is a one of press of this release and only 150 copies have been made. With each copy of this 12" you will also receive, some Area Recordings logo stickers, as well as a form enabling you to claim MP3 versions of the tracks along with a couple of bonus MP3 from Be-1ne.

    hope you enjoy the new music, much love.