Drum & Bass Bazil - The Raving Religion Exclusive Promo Mix February 2013

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    Bazil aka James Bainbridge is a drum and bass producer based in Guildford, who has had releases on labels such as Dispatch, Ingredients, Nu Directions and Proximity and has forthcoming releases on Alignment Records, Icarus Audio and Full Force.

    James received his first decks on his 15th birthday but his interest in mixing began when he saw his friend's older brother mixing London Acid City, an old techno track. He started mixing acid techno and nu-energy and was inspired by artists like Lab-4 and still to this day has a love for those early tracks.

    His interests in production came a little later whilst at music college (A.C.M.) when he was around 20. From the start of his interest in music he always wondered about the creation process so naturally he wanted to give it a go himself. As well as giving James focus on music college was also key for his networking because he met Tim Subterra and set up their drum & bass night Rotation with other members including FD and Lean.

    James occasionally like to experiment with other tempos and has been writing some reggae influenced electronic music since joining the band Dreadzone. Dreadzone's 7th studio album 'Escapades' is due for release in March. Check out the links below for tour dates and info.

    Finally you can get your bi-weekly dose of Bazil on Kane FM 103.7 on the 2nd and last week of every month from 6pm-9pm alongside Subterra and Lean presenting the Sunday Service!


    Also Bazil is very kindly giving away two awesome tracks, head over to his soundcloud via the link below!

    Bazil music dnb


    Dom and Roland - Goliath - Dom and Roland Productions
    FD - Break & Enter - Metalheadz
    Bazil - Matter - Full Force (Dub)
    Optiv - Krakpot - Close 2 Death - (Jade Remix)
    L 33 - Sybaritic - Rise Audio (Dub)
    Mikal - The Chant - Utopia Music - (Rido Remix)
    Annihilus - Nile - Samurai EP
    Need for Mirrors - Murk - Philly Blunt
    Break & Silent Witness - X Track - Quarantine
    Gridlok & Optiv - Time Goes By - Project 51
    Technical Itch - Electrane - Failed Evolution EP
    Eastcolors - Watch Out - SYMM012 (Enei Remix) (Dub)
    SPKTRM - 2319 - Project 51
    Mako,Linden & Fields - Fuse - Samurai Music
    Dementia, Disphonia & Rregular - High Times - Full Force (Dub)
    Seven Feat Alys-B - Came to Play - Philly Blunt - (Need for Mirrors Remix)
    Dreadzone - Zion Youth - (Bazil Remix) - Free Download
    Break, Fields, Mako and Villem - Dilligence - Utopia Music
    A.M.C & DBR UK - Quiet Storm - Icarus Audio (Dub)
    The Prototypes - Blackout Ft ID - Shogun audio
    Bazil - Foul Taste - (Dub)
    Eastcolors - Trash Can - Free Download
    Bazil - Dark Impulses - Ingredients
    Survival & Silent Witness - Visitation - Dispatch
    Fields - Mr Mangle
    Bazil - Fish Bowl - Free download
    Jaydan - Element - Innerground Music
    Cursa - Twilight - Hustle Audio - (Bazil Remix)
    SPKTRM - Nocturne - Project 51
    Dillinja - Friday - Valve
    Mej - Beliefs of the soul - Audio Theory Records
    Spectrasoul - Away with Me Feat. Tamara Blessa (Calibre Remix)
    Eastcolors - I Become Older - (Dub)
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