Bay B Kane "Jungle Love" JMLP02 out now!!! (free singles inside) Junglist Manifesto

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    Bay B Kane "Jungle Love" JMLP02 out now!!! (free singles inside)

    Junglist Manifesto Recordings: Bay B Kane returns after a long hiatus with his new full length L.P. "Jungle Love" A selection of laid back bad ass amen popping beats and sub basslines to warm the soul of any Junglist. The man returns with the sound that should have never left jungle in the first place. True School all the way.

    BIO: Bay B Kane began producing with Hip-Hop in 1986, and was quickly signed to T.U.F. Records where he began polishing his production craft. Flash to 3 years later he was hungry to really break through. BBK teamed up with Mr.E and started fusing Techno sounds with Breakbeats. The 2 formed "Break The Limits" & after a huge first release the duo got signed to XL Recordings.

    In 1992 he launched Ruff Guidance Records & re-branded to who we now know as the legendary Bay B Kane! 1993 rolled in & BBK hooked up with Whitehouse Records. He released a slew of releases & did remixes for some of the biggest names in the history of Jungle. During this time he collaberated with the likes of PESHAY / MICKEY FINN / DARREN JAY / DJ TONIC(Para-T) / HOPPA / CHRIS ENERGY / LOXY / COOL HAND FLEX.... & released tunes under the monikers BAY B KANE / RINCA / ICON / KID THUNDER / INTELLIGENT JUNGLIST / DOUBLE TEE / MYSTRO / THE ROOD PROJECT / DARKENATOR.

    During the period from 1989 to 1997 BBK released over 200 tracks on vinyl! After which he took a 13 year hiatus to get an Honors Degree at university, and move forward with other aspects of his life. In 2010 he decided to come back out of retirement. We are sure glad he did. BBK has joined us in 2011 to release his highly musical, smooth & hard album "Jungle Love".


    Available at Beatport, itunes, 7digital, Amazon, HMVDigital (basically anywhere digital tunes are sold)

    Check out the 2 free singles from the album "Florescent" (Morphy Da Dubmonger Remix) & Bay B Kane's remix of Morphy's "Dusty Stylus". Also included are the singles for Chili Banks "Edit Your Drums" (JMLP03) L.P. "Crazy" & "B.I.G.". Both albums are out now!!!!!!

    To preview both albums look here...