Battletek - Interstellar (liquid dance floor) (feedback wanted)


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Your drums and music sound like they come out of a sound box. The volume is turn up way to high on all of your tracks. Everything sounds so rigid. Where is the bass?
Ok, So that sine wave at the bottom is not doing you any justice. What key is this in? Any way get the sine wave as low as possible so the root is hitting just above 20hz to 60hz. Then get a sample of reece bass or make your own. Cut out your sine wave frequencies but follow your melodic bass pattern while doing it. Also, high pass a reece so it sounds good, but then add in some saturation, mild distortions, and maybe a vocoder at four bars to add warmth. Make sure your reece has little or no stereo width until around 600hz. Personally I wait until around 1.5khz but that is personal taste.
The Lead,
The gated effect is cool but keep it evolving, and don't be afraid to exchange the gated lead with a warpy, or grungy, or any thing bass line. The reece should help you with this. To keep the lead is cool but use some phaser and new effects to keep it evolving.
Get your drums hitting no higher than 6db. Then start to mix in the rest of your elements. Make sure you high pass all tracks somewhere under the frequencies they are suppose to hit, low pass them around 20khz. Give each element its own space.
I know this seems like a dick repost but I promise you it is a help comment. i wish more people told me the truth about my shitty tracks when I first posted them.


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Thanks for this advanced feedback! But what do you mean with the sine sub? I should make it hit between 20 to 60hz and then high-pass a Reece bass on top of that one?

Also how do I know if my track is too loud? Should I put a reference track up?

Yeah after I finished it I also had my doubts about the drums, but I'm working in addictive drums 2 now so I should be spicing it up now