Wanted Battle of the Selecta's - DJ Residency Competition

If your a DJ or MC looking for a solid platform to launch your career or just fancy a change of scenery and a solid booking every week then read on….

We've teamed up with the owners of The Warehouse, to relaunch the club and make Friday's and Saturday's some of the biggest in Bristol.

We've been inundated with prospective DJ's asking for a slot at our pre-parties, club nights and events, so we thought the best way forward to support new talent would be to run a competition for new DJ's and MC's...

selecta logo.jpg

Entering is simple. All you need to do is:

Post a 20 minute set to our Facebook wall (www.facebook.com/Official.Project.Apocalypse)

or email your set to us:


The competition will be completed in three stages:

1. Our Management will select four of their favourites from the entries

2. Four Entrants will play bk 2 bk at one of our pre parties and two will go onto the final stage

3. The Final will be held at The Warehouse Club and the winner will be chosen by the audience before you warm up for an A list DJ.

The winner will get a residency at our club, a cash prize, new dub plates and the chance to be signed to a label.